not adding anything…

I’ve had a shitty six months and I got really depressed a few months ago, and , especially depressed that I wasn’t making anything, and I wasn’t inspired to make anything, and everything was just black…and I finally got my head out of the darkness enough to write a song….there is this thing when you are a songwriter or an artist of any kind that’s doubly bad about going into a depression, or a black spot, in your life; because you go into and it sucks to begin with, clearly, but when you are an artist: you have this extra little voice in your head being like “Oh, you should be making Art. You’re depressed. You have this fantastic thing happening to you.” And then you don’t. And then you are like: “Augh, I am an even worse person because I am a depressed artist not adding anything to society or the world, I’m just sitting here in bed.” Well, this fixed things for me, I don’t know if it’s going to fix anything for you. It doesn’t matter.

Amanda PalmerBigger on the Inside, The Academy, Dublin, 18 July 2013. Song now available on bandcamp.


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