don’t expect to spend…

One’s income ought to be of no concern to others; to go around talking about it is like talking to oneself, which is the most foolish thing in the world. If I haven’t much, I don’t expect to spend much. Even if I had a fortune, I would not waste it. I certainly would not let anybody but myself have anything to say as to how much I should or should not spend. Rich or poor, I will never go about weeping over my ills. Because of my belief in contentment and my appearing ever in that mood, it may be natural for people to assume that I am rich. But such assumptions are of no interest to me; neither do I care whether their guesses hit right or wrong. I live on contentedly.

Yukichi FukuzawaThe Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa, Columbia University Press, 1899, p. 285


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