turn a deaf ear to praise

I have made myself an enemy of praise and adulation. Let me explain the reason for this. Praise is dangerous. It can go from a little to too much in a few words. Sure, it’s nice to know that someone likes what you do. You can see what it does to the rockstar types that believe the reviews and all the things that everyone says. To take it all the way, you must turn a deaf ear to praise. Move and keep moving. The last thing I want to hear is that someone likes what I do. When someone starts in with it, I try to change the subject. I know that I am probably more extreme than most in this respect but I have found that praise screws me up. I like it best having little or no interaction with people at all. That’s not to say that I don’t like the people that come to the roadhouse to see the show. I feel a great responsibility to these strangers. They take time out of their lives to check out what I’m doing, I’m honored but I don’t want to hear the rub. I am systematically destroying myself piece by piece and I don’t need to be complimented on it.

Henry Rollins, “Black Coffee Blues”, Black Coffee Blues, 2.13.61 publishing, 1992, p.78


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