Quoting Policy:

When I am quoting something I will always refer to the originator, and I will do my best to find the originator’s personal publication. If the originator has a personal webpage I will link to that, without that I will link to a twitter. I find the quote in an article written by a journalist, then I will follow the same procedures by adding the journalist and doing my best to link to their personal bio through their publication, or their twitter, should they have one. In cases where the originator is a historical figure, I will typically link to that person’s wikipedia article. In addition to the originator I will also link to the publisher, if there is one. I will always do my best to link responsibly; if you are an originator, or a publisher, and you would like me to change a link, I would be more than happy to discuss changes, just shoot me an email below. A note on publishers, sometimes they are part of a larger business, or there is a successor company; sometimes they no longer exist at all anymore. I will do my best to try and make sure that I link to the publishing company if it is still in existence, or to its successor; but I will always cite the publisher as the one on the publication I am using. You should also be aware that this site is a rebuilding of an earlier site where I had initially done the same thing, but that may affect the formatting of some posts; and that those posts were written not necessarily in the order that they are published. I will remind you that this is very much a hobby of mine, and it is in a process of evolution and change whenever I can spare time for it. Again, if there is a problem, let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

If I get a quote from a forum or other social media service, and the platform allows for the post to be embedded directly, I will most surely do that; though that does not preclude the actual quoting citation being added as well. At this time Reddit’s embed option does not seem to jive with WordPress, so I am doing my best to copy the posts with as much context as possible. If it gets fixed then: awesome;  otherwise, in the mean time it will probably be a little ugly.

This blog is listed by the parent site as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and for mature audiences. I listed it this way because I will be posting quotes that use curse words or describe adult themes. At this time (April 2015) I have no intention to post images or video, and other than my own reviews of movies, books or other media

Quoting Format:

As of 24 April 2015:

Citation in it’s most basic form:

[Originator (Who Actually Said it)], [Title of Where It Was Said (Where I saw it said)], [Publication (Who Published it)], [Date], [Page Number if applicable]

If the quote is being made by a fictional character, then the character will be quoted, but with “quotations” added to show that the statement is being made by a fictional character.
If the quote is being made by an originator who is being interviewed for a article, then after the title I will add “by:” and then the actual Author, Editor or Translator; if that information is available to me.
If the quote comes from an article or chapter that is part of a collection, and published in another book, then I will make sure to include that information
When quoting historical figures I will indicate the century they lived in by the letter “C”, the century, and the era, all in parenthesis after the originator. example: 14th century CE = (C14. CE) or 3rd century BCE = (C4.BCE). I will be using Common Era and Before Common Era nomenclature as that is the most prevalent by the historical community at this time.


If I can be said to have such a thing, I look for quotes that, I believe, are important to the world narrative; whether or not I agree with them. There will be times where I post quotes that espouse a outlook that I do not myself have, but that I have included as they are important artifacts in the stratigraphy of human narrative. Most often I come across quotes in one of three ways: I read them in a book that I am using in research, I find them online through general news and entertainment consumption, I hear them directly from someone on social media. Occasionally I will post a quote from someone I know, and I will use the term “personal communication” to identify that it was said directly to me. I may not link to them personally, depending on their desire for privacy.


I started my first collection of quotes in a black & white marbled composition book in my freshman year of high school in the early 90’s. I have been adding to my collection over the years, and have definitely adjusted it over time. My original purpose was to simply take those quotes and put them online, but I ran into problems right off the bat when I realized that many of the quotes I wrote down when I was 15 lacked proper citations, ie: I no longer have any idea where I read them, though I have a sneaking suspicion that many of them were culled from roleplaying manuals. So as I went through and tried to find provenience for some of these quotes, I started to add to my list. And over the last few years I created a site that hosted that and some reviews of books and movies that I had seen. As my hosting costs became prohibitive I moved my site and republished it as “Reqnotes and Requotes”.


Of course I am biased in my choosing of quotes. I prefer quotes that are in favor of equality, liberal in tone, and promote a cooperative inclusive worldview; and I will tend to choose quotes in direct opposition of those ideals as well, as their own lessons. I like moral works, things that teach lessons or provide examples, so do not doubt to see quotes with points; also lists, things that categorize and build hierarchies, especially in a sarcastic or ironic way. I enjoy things that are clever, witty or funny; so do not be surprised if you see some scathing humor.





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